CISUFLO survey : Market uptake of the separated materials by the plastics converting sector

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EuPC kindly invites you to participate in the CISUFLO survey, which is conducted in the framework of the EU-funded project CISUFLO, involving 18 partners including R&D centres, industry partners and associations.

EuPC is the proud leader in the task that foresees the development of a report summarising the results that will be gathered through the survey aimed at achieving a better understanding of the potential market uptake of the separated materials by the plastics converting sector. The outcome of the survey (report summarising the results at the EU level - aggregated data to guarantee confidentiality) will be shared with all participants. Please use this link to open the survey.

Polymeric multilayer-structured materials are all extremely difficult to recycle as they are composed of multiple layers, and hence they are landfilled or incinerated at their end-of-life. Therefore, developing a methodology to delaminate/separate polymers from polymeric multilayered materials is of great importance. Separation of the individual polymer fractions enables subsequent recycling. The novel PolySep process leads to this delamination/separation, and so enables the separation of a polymer bonded to a substrate.

The survey covers topics like the level of purity for the separated material streams, the expected mechanical properties as well as the maximum allowed contamination level and moisture content for the secondary raw materials. The survey will be open for a few more days; Don't miss the chance to submit your answers !



CISUFLO has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme, and its overall goal is to minimize the environmental impact of the EU flooring sector, by setting up a systemic framework for circular and sustainable floor coverings taking into account both technical feasibility and socio-economic factors. Please find further information about CISUFLO on our website:

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