PlasFuelSys extends the scope of its activities and becomes PlasEnSys, the European Plastic Energy Storage Systems Association


After almost 20 years of presence in the ever-changing environment of the EU-level trade associations within the automotive and transport sector, the members of PlasFuelSys, the European Plastic Fuel Tanks and System Manufacturers Association (sector group of EuPC) decided to extend the scope of their activities and become the association representing the interest of the broader category of the plastic energy storage systems.

These encompass plastic structures for different energy sources, such as fuel, hydrogen, CNG, LNG, biofuels, e-fuels and battery-electric-based energy for passenger cars, light-duty vehicles, trucks, and busses.

The functions carried out by the systems that, according to the new association’s vision, shall be considered as falling within its new scope, are not limited to storage, but also encompass related usages, namely supplying, refilling, venting, and thermal management. 

Therefore, the association will now operate under the new name of PlasEnSys, the European Plastic Energy Storage Systems Association. It will allocate its advocacy efforts to a widened field of expertise by opening its doors to a broadened industry representation. 

The automotive and transport sector is currently undergoing significant changes, both from a regulatory and technological standpoint and this enlarged industry cooperation is essential in order to foster and accelerate the journey towards the ultimate achievement of a fully circular economy and a concrete preservation of the environment” said Paul Wouters, PlasEnSys President and representative of Plastic Omnium within the association. 


If you wish to know more about PlasEnSys’ activities, do not hesitate to get in touch with the association’s secretariat at the email address


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