REACH Workshop: The Plastics Industry State of Play with practical examples

On 17 and 18 March 2016, the European Plastic Converters Association (EuPC), with support from Polymer Comply Europe (PCE), will look at the challenges of REACH and present practical solutions and how to tackle the next steps. What are the key learnings derived from past challenges such as authorisation, registrations or dossier preparation brought on by REACH?

Join the discussion at the REACH Workshop: Plastics Industry State of Play with practical examples.

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Thursday, 17 March 2016

1. Introduction to REACH and its impact

  • CLP and REACH in a nutshell: rights & obligations along the plastics supply chain
    Geoffroy Tillieux, EuPC Technical Department Director & PCE Regulatory Compliance Director
  • REACH - Evaluation of the impact on the affected industries and the whole economy in Austria
    Dr. Bernhard Mahlberg, Head of “Population Economics & Production", Institute for Industrial Research (IWI)

2. Registration in REACH

  • Notification of nanomaterials
    Roger Van Der Linden, PlasticsEurope REACH Committee Chairman
  • Registration in 2018 and orphan substances
    Karin Van de Velde, Secretary General, REACH Orphan Substances Consortium (ROSC)
  • Registration of bio-based chemicals TBC
  • Duties of importers and only representatives under REACH
    Venelin Marinov, Advisor to the Bulgarian Association Polymers

3. Protecting health and environment

  • Understanding risk management measures: the example of PESTOOL
    Geoffroy Tillieux, EuPC Technical Department Director & PCE Regulatory Compliance Director

4. End of chain, recycling and the circular economy?

  • Recycling in a circular economy, the link with REACH
    Bjorn Hansen, Head of Unit Chemicals, DG Environment, European Commission
  • Recycling automotive applications and REACH
    Maurice Funcken, REACH Coordinator for Nissan in Europe, Nissan
  • Learning from authorisation process
    Eric Vandevijver, Manufacturing Excellence Engineer, Inovyn

Friday, 18 March 2016

1. Risk Management options for substances and Enforcement

  • Implementing REACH in a streamlined way: Risk Management Option Analysis, Restriction and Authorisation
    Klaus Berend, Head of Unit REACH, DG Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs, European Commission
  • Risk Management Options: experiences from the Netherlands
    Dr. Jochem F. M. van der Waals, Senior Policy Advisor, Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment
  • Risk Management Option Analysis of the UV absorber
    Christian Schmitt, REACH Substance Coordinator Performance Chemicals Division, BASF
  • Learnings from authorisation
    Risk Management Implementation Unit, ECHA TBC
  • REACH Authorisation - The right tool for substances only used in industrial settings and already subject to workplace legislation? Exemplified by ADCA
    Sabine Dröge, Legal Assessor and Deputy Managing Director, PolyComply Hoechst
  • Restriction for diisocyanates
    Michel Baumgartner, Secretary General, the European Association of Flexible Polyurethane Foam Blocks Manufacturers (EUROPUR)
  • Enforcement of REACH in different Member States and Forum activities
    ECHA Unit A2: Support, Forum and HelpNet Secretariat TBC

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